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Skechers Insoles

Memory Foam Insoles: Skechers is known for its Memory Foam insoles, which provide a customized cushioning effect by conforming to the shape of your foot. This technology is often used in their casual and athletic footwear.

Air-Cooled Memory Foam: This is an advanced version of Memory Foam that includes cooling properties, designed to keep your feet comfortable and cool even during long walks or workouts.

Goga Mat Insoles: Skechers also offers Goga Mat insoles in some of their athletic and performance shoes. Goga Mat is a proprietary material that provides high-rebound cushioning, making it ideal for activities that involve impact and movement.

Air-Cooled Goga Mat: This is an extension of the Goga Mat technology, featuring added cooling properties for enhanced comfort.

Skech-Air: Some Skechers shoes feature the Skech-Air midsole, which combines cushioning and support with an air-cushioned sole for extra comfort and shock absorption.

Relaxed Fit Insoles: Skechers offers shoes with a "Relaxed Fit" design, which typically includes a roomier fit and additional cushioning insoles for added comfort.

Arch Support Insoles: Skechers provides arch support in some of their shoes to help alleviate foot fatigue and provide additional stability for those with specific arch support needs.

OrthoLite Insoles: While not exclusive to Skechers, OrthoLite insoles are used in some of their shoes. These insoles are known for their moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, and cushioning properties.

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