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High Heels Pad, Arch Support Sponge insole

High Heels Pad, Arch Support Sponge insole

  • SKU: IGS-8184
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  • Description

High Heels Arch Support 7/10 Pad Sponge Insoles For Women
Type: High Heels Pad
Color: Multicolor optional, please specify
Material: Sponge, Cotton cloth
Thickness: The insoles 3 mm, the arch 7 mm
Size: Length 20.5 cm. Width 6.5 cm thickness 3 to 7 mm
Applicable people: Women
Other: Arch mat, Flatfoot sponge insole, Heels insoles
1. Numerous experiment height of insoles, easily cope with high heels
2. Arch support, latex shock, improve walking in the world
3. Womens high-heeled shoes 7/10 mat, can reduce the pain of heel
4. 4D engineering design, more effective palliative shock absorption
5. To private high heels protect mat for you

High Heels Pad, Arch Support Sponge insole Men insoles Size Gudie
High Heels Pad, Arch Support Sponge insole Woman Insole Size Gudie
1 week ago

Harry R. ( Verified Customer )

Great insoles for my NB 990 v4. A comfortable shoe is made more comfortable and supportive with these insoles.
1 week ago

Amy Gonzalez ( Verified Customer )

Great price quick response!
4 days ago

Steve S ( Verified Customer )

This is my fourth pair and they are wonderful heat them up let them mold to your feet and the way you go. I had plantar fasciitis I've spent hundreds on orthotics and they don't fit like these do. The shipping is fast and free so order a pair today and start walking in comfort.
1 week ago

Joe Harzinski ( Verified Customer )

I appreciate that I can get the insoles for my shoes and the large variety that is offered. I wish that the prices were just a little bit better !
1 week ago

Walter Stalnaker ( Verified Customer )

NEED A LITTLE LIFT IN HEEL TO KEEP ANKLE FROM RUBBING IN BOOT. prefer leather. Purchased one pair and they worked very well.
6 days ago

Marianne Kramer ( Verified Customer )

Easy to find what I was looking for. Always had fast delivery (previous two orders) and no reason to expect differently this time. To add: the arch supports have been life savers!
1 week ago

Ganella Osborne ( Verified Customer )

My order arrived early and my feet feel so much better now have joint pain and it hurt to walk but not now thank to in sole
1 week ago

Fred Walsh ( Verified Customer )

The service was good, but I was disappointed that the insoles were not as cushioned as those that I used to bye at NewBalance stores.
4 days ago

Charlene Keane ( Verified Customer )

Many choices. Fast delivery. Consultation on types of inserts available.
1 week ago

Lona Watson ( Verified Customer )

I ordered the wrong insoles and they were so helpful making the exchange. I was quite surprised to get a real live person! Will definitely order again, saved about $25.00 here rather than my shoe store. Thank you!