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ADIDAS Sport Insoles Thick Breathable Insole Green

ADIDAS Sport Insoles Thick Breathable Insole Green

  • SKU: IGS-8079
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ADIDAS Sport Insoles Thick Breathable Insole Green

Forefoot Thickness 5 MM, 

Heel Thickness: 10 MM
Color: Green, Army Green, Sky Blue, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Black
ADIDAS Insoles are thicker at arch, heel, it's more comfortable for running, walking and basketball

ADIDAS Sport Insoles Thick Breathable Insole Green Men insoles Size Gudie
ADIDAS Sport Insoles Thick Breathable Insole Green Woman Insole Size Gudie
2 days ago

Grey Nichols ( Verified Customer )

Wife loves them and completely changed the feel of the shoe in a good way!
1 week ago

Marilee Bolam ( Verified Customer )

Had what we wanted and shipped it right away. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because the promised coupon code did not work.
6 days ago

Barbara Christopherson ( Verified Customer )

I received my order promptly and saved $3-$4 dollars per pair of socks. Since I ordered 1/2 dozen pair, I was given free shipping and did not have to travel an hour to buy them.
1 week ago

Donald Uhl ( Verified Customer )

Easily installed in my shoes, very comfortable. Have already decreased my foot pain. Thank you
1 week ago

Greg ( Verified Customer )

Service was great, as expected. Shoes are awesome! I walk 4 miles a day after work done on my back. My feet aren't tired like they were with my old shoes and my back is saved he pain. Strong advice: Buy a size larger!
1 week ago

Wally ( Verified Customer )

Arrived on time and described. Also best price I could find on line. Because of this I now have a second order being processed.
4 days ago

Rianemc ( Verified Customer )

Just placed my second order with InsolesGeeks and instantly received an email confirming my order, then a few hours later received another email that it had already been shipped. First class customer service!
1 week ago

James Parker ( Verified Customer )

The website is very user friendly. Has a variety of choices and explained each.
1 week ago

LB ( Verified Customer )

WOW! placed order this morning, within three hours, order had shipped.
1 week ago

Margaret Meeske ( Verified Customer )

Product ordered was just what I wanted. It was backordered, but company kept me advised of shipping status. Will order more of the item.