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Cushion DIY Ball Shoes Pad Air Zoom Sports Insoles

Cushion DIY Ball Shoes Pad Air Zoom Sports Insoles

  • SKU: IGS-8315
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Cushion DIY Ball Shoes Pad Air Zoom Sports Insoles
Type: DIY/ Repair Ball shoes pad 
Color: White 

#1: 8.5cm * 5.5cm Thickness 7mm
#2: 9cm * 6cm Thickness 7mm
#3: 9.5cm * 6.5cm Thickness 7mm
#4: 10cm * 6.5cm Thickness 7mm
#5: 9cm * 6cm Thickness 8mm
#6: 9cm * 6cm Thickness 9mm
#7: 9cm * 6cm Thickness 11mm
#8: 9.5cm * 6.5cm Thickness 8mm
#9: 9.5cm * 6.5cm Thickness 11mm
#10: 10cm * 6.5cm Thickness 8mm
#12: 10cm * 6.5cm Thickness 11mm

Cushion DIY Ball Shoes Pad Air Zoom Sports Insoles Men insoles Size Gudie
Cushion DIY Ball Shoes Pad Air Zoom Sports Insoles Woman Insole Size Gudie
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The InsoleStore was great with customer service. I ordered a wrong size product and asked to order the correct one and included its price total in their Black Friday sale. No question - they were willing to help me with an additional discount. Kayla was very helpful and responded quickly to my email questions and concerns. I would definitely order from this company again. THANK!
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My order was very promptly shipped and delivered. I liked the insoles but unfortunately they did not work for my particular foot problem.