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Vans Snow V3 Popcush Insoles
  • Vans Snow V3 Popcush Insoles
  • Vans Snow V3 Popcush Insoles
  • Vans Snow V3 Popcush Insoles
  • Vans Snow V3 Popcush Insoles
  • Vans Snow V3 Popcush Insoles

Vans Snow V3 Popcush Insoles

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Item: Vans V3 POPCUSH Insoles

Model: VSB-1901

Size (US)

XL: MS11-13A / WS12A  12

L: MS9.5-10.5C / WS10.55-11.5C  2

XS: MS5-6A / WS 6-7A  2

The Snow V3 PopCush Insole combines Vans' highest level of impact cushioning with a custom tuned energy return for snowboarding, skateboarding, or BMX.


This Vans Snow V3 Popcush insole is a high performance product designed specifically for ski shoes. It features Vans' exclusive Popcush technology, which means that the insole not only provides excellent cushioning and support, but also has great bounce properties to ensure that you are energized with every step. The top layer of the insole is non-slip with a dimpled texture that increases stability and reduces foot movement for a safer skiing experience.

The forefoot portion of the insole is designed with a hexagonal cushioning zone, which not only improves comfort, but also enhances protection for key areas of the foot. The midsole section is made of a lightweight material that further enhances the cushioning effect, and this material is held

Durability means that the insole can withstand prolonged use without losing its shape. The end of the insole is iconic with the Vans logo, which is not only a symbol of the brand's identity, but also a mark of quality assurance.

The Vans Snow V3 Popcush insoles are designed to provide the ultimate skiing experience, whether it's in terms of comfort, support or durability, to meet the needs of the most demanding skiers. Whether you're looking for performance-enhancing pro gear or simply want to be more comfortable in your Vans shoes during winter sports, these insoles are ideal.

Vans Snow V3 Popcush Insoles Men insoles Size Gudie
Vans Snow V3 Popcush Insoles Woman Insole Size Gudie

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