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Vans PRO Ultracush Comfycush Insoles Replacement


 Mar****lingham Verified Customer ------Date Added: 01/27/2022
I absolutely love these foot insoles. I have a pair for my Vans and Converse. I love them so much th...

 Car****r Verified Customer ------Date Added: 04/06/2023
When I first put these in my Vans, I instantly felt the difference. After a few hours, I noticed tha...

 Dan****s Verified Customer ------Date Added: 02/12/2023
I love them. I've always loved slipping in the van, but with each passing year, my feet/knees/legs j...

 Lee**** Verified Customer ------Date Added: 07/09/2023
In love! Super comfy, and doesn’t make the shoe feel smaller.

 Jez**** Verified Customer ------Date Added: 08/27/2023
They have arch support, so easy to put in the vans. Now I wear my vans all the time.

 Ell**** Verified Customer ------Date Added: 09/25/2022
I was nervous that these might be too short based on the size description since my foot is a US wome...

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